The objective of Microb’UP is to federate exchanges within a multidisciplinary community interested in microbiology and infectious diseases between the Université Paris Cité and the Institut Pasteur. Thanks to the structuring of this community, the institute will be able to serve as a breeding ground for the development of ambitious collaborative projects and research strategies in microbiology.

As the recent health crisis illustrates, infectious diseases remain a major public health concern today. From HIV to SARS-Cov-2, from antibiotic resistance to tuberculosis and malaria, infectious diseases continue to take a heavy toll on people across the globe, regardless of their origin, with the physically and/or economically weakest paying the greatest burden. To respond effectively to the recurrent challenges posed by infectious diseases, a significant structuring of the various facets of microbiology is necessary to allow the sharing of protocols, materials, expertise and reflections on the modes of communication with the general public. Increasing our most fundamental knowledge is necessary to better understand emergencies. The association between the Université Paris Cité and the Institut Pasteur is an exceptional framework for making progress in this direction.  Because of its size and its strong involvement in medical research, this association can have the ambition to develop within it a network for structuring exchanges on research in microbiology, from its most fundamental aspects to the most clinical.

The Microb’UP institute is committed to student training and works closely with the BioSPC and MTCI doctoral schools, as well as with several graduate schools associated with the BMC master’s degree.


Microb’UP meeting: May 22, 2023

Microb’UP meeting: May 22, 2023

Microb’UP meeting, May 22, 2023. 9:00AM, 2:00PM The IHM Microb'Up organizes a scientific meeting which will take place on : Monday May 22, 2023 from 9am to 2pm Amphithéâtre Vulpian, 12 rue de l'école de médecine, 75006 Paris Theme: Contribution of organoids in the...

Webinar, 15th December 2023

15th December : Respiratory Viruses/Host Cell Interactions Goujon Caroline, IRIM, Montpellier :  Intrinsic and innate immune defenses against respiratory virusesNells Saunders, Institut Pasteur, Paris : Unlocking the secrets of seasonal coronavirus HKU1 entryTim...

Webinar, 22nd November 2023

22nd November : Unveiling the Hidden Life of Parasites Host Laboratory : Catherine Lavazec (Biology of plasmodium transmission, Institut Cochin, Partis) Luisa Miranda Figueiredo, Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM), University of Lisbon, Portugal : title TBAPauline...

Webinar, 11th October 2023

Webinar, 11th October 2023

11th October : Molecular Mechanisms and Genetic Diversity of Stress Tolerance and Persistance Host Laboratory : Olivier Tenaillon (Robustness and evolvability life, Institut Cochin, Paris) Jan Michiels, KU Leuven, Belgique. Defining the genotypic...